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Grinding Mill
Type:Grinding Machine
Input Size:≤60mm
Output Size:8~19mm
Processed Materials:used for crushing hard rock, such as pebble, basalt, marble and granite.
Applications:Grinding Machine
SJ Grinding Mills are developed by Shuangjin company base on the theory of high efficiency crusher, with multi-cylinder hydraulic technology and several patents technology referred to structure, material and craft, are new concept sand making equipments. The type of machines make sand based on the “rock grind rock” theory, different with the “rock impact rock” theory of traditional Vertical Shaft Sand Grinding Mill, from “to impact” to “to grind”, it is easier and more efficient to make sand. Mainly used in mine production line for making sand, and in ore production line for extracting metal powder.
Parameter SJ1000-ZS SJ1300-ZS
Max. Feeding(mm) 60 60
Discharging Opening Adjusted Scope(mm) 8-19 8-19
Capacity(t/h) 100-120 115-140
Making sand only, the sand production capacitysize5mm(t/h) 30-50 50-70
Electric Motor Power(kw) 132-160 160-185
Electric Motor Rotate Speed(r/min) 980 980
Electric Motor Voltage(v) 380 380
Insurance cylinder pressure in total(t) 250 280
Weight(kg) 17000 26000
PS One:
1. The parameter weight in the table not contain the weight of electric engine, electric controlling equipment, lubricating equipment and hydraulic pressure equipment. 
2. the crusher parameter capacity in the table got in the following conditions: 
a)The material water content does not surpass 4%, not containing clay;
b)360°circular distribution in the crushing cavity, feed with full cavity;
c)The feeding material bulk density 1.6t/m3, compressive strength 150Mpa.
PS Two:
Date above for reference only, the production capacity may be different due to
the physical property of rock material, feeding method and feeding material size, so we suggest our customers choose any way as requirement in practice.
Mainly used for crushing hard rock, such as pebble, basalt, marble and granite.
1.The machine case is one casting piece. With long service life and high reliability;
2.Widely used. Due to the arrangement of mine production line, can be respectively used as crushing, shaping, and making sand, multi-function. Need no additional equipment, can change to crush, shape or make sand at any time as requirement;
3.change the waste to the useful stuff. The effect of making sand isn’t due to the kind of material, the following material all can be make into sand, such as round stone raw material, gangue and waste rock material;
4.10-80mm final product rock material, single class or multi-classes rock material can be made into sand;
5. needle-like below 5%(sand smaller than 5mm), 5-9mm, 9-19mm cubic rock material with polygon surfaces can meet the construction material demand of State Key Project and Expressway;
6.Equiped flexibly. Can adjust the relevant important parameters(stroke, cavity, rotate speed) as requirement in practice.
7.Low operate and repair cost, the work time accumulated of main wear-resistant parts(rolling mortar wall and broken wall)can reach to 1500-2000h or more.
8.low electric power consumption per unit production.
9.Washing with large amount water is allowed, there is no influence after washing, in contrast to improve the product capacity.
10.Main system and part are equipped with protection settings, more secure and reliable.
Mainly used in mine production line for making sand, and in ore production line for extracting metal powder.
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