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Numerical control lathe processing when the seven points for attention
1, the machine tool operation and repair personnel must have correspondingprofessional knowledge professional machine or trained personnel, and must follow the safety procedures and safety operation regulations to operate the machine; 2,not professional personnel shall not open the cabinet door, open the cabinet doormust be confirmed before the beginning of the machine has been turned off the total power supply, only professional repair personnel are allowed to open the cabinet door, electricity maintenance; 3, in addition to some parameters for use by the userand can be changed, other system parameters, main parameters, servo parameters,users can not amend privately, otherwise it will bring equipment, work, personal injuryto the operator; 4, if you modify the parameters then, for each processing, machinetool lock in is not installed the tool and workpiece in case of trial operation, confirm machine normal after use; 5, the machine program is machine tool manufacturersaccording to the machine need to design, do not need to modify. Not correct,operating the machine may cause the damage to the machine tools, even hurt the operator; 6, recommend machine run continuously for up to 24 hours of continuous operation, if the time is too long will affect the electrical system and part of the life of mechanical devices, which will affect the accuracy of machine tools, machine tool; 7all connector, connector, not allowed to live out, inserting operation, otherwise it will cause serious consequences.
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