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The factors influences the price of Jaw Crushers
The jaw crushers are common crusher machines, always draw attention of customers and can be used in large scale macadam production line. Generally speaking, the jaw crushers are the first procedure of crushing line which still needs other crusher equipment to complete the process. So how much does a giant jaw crusher cost?

There are many factors affect the price of the jaw crushers, such as region, first cost, transport, technique, etc. The most important factor is first cost. No matter how to promote a product, first cost is the main factor to make a price. First cost can be divided into several parts. The material cost and labor cost account for big parts. The quality of materials embodies the quality of the jaw crushers, especially for the giant jaw crushers which have many parts. These parts need special materials like high quality steels and high manganese steels rather than ordinary steels. The main part of the giant jaw crusher is cast by ordinary steels and high quality steels. While wearing parts like hammerhead, jaw plate, cleading, acetabular wall are all made by special steels. Because only in this way can guarantee the service life of wearing parts and diminish the abrasion with harder stones. It’s worth noting that the use of the jaw crushers is important as well. Besides, labor cost weighs heavily. The design, assembly, operation and maintaining of such giant crusher need special skills, which add value to the jaw crusher. Therefore, a giant jaw crusher is not cheap.

As different customers have different demands, the exact price is depended by the type you want. For example, a large jaw crusher is more expensive than a small crusher. For exact price, please call 400-006-1987.

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