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How much does a Spring Cone Crusher cost?
Spring Cone Crusher is very cost effective among Cone Crusher. It is also the most common and can be applied to broken above the middle-and middle-hardness of various minerals and rocks. People in mining always talk about the prize of Spring Cone Crusher. But how much does a Spring Cone Crusher cost? This paper discusses the prize of Spring Cone Crusher produced by Zhejiang golden Machinery Group.

There are many domestic companies manufacturing crushers whose prizes ranging from hundreds of thousands of RMB to millions of RMB. The price of Spring Cone Crusher is affected by brand, model, performance, market supply and demand, etc. The biggest factor is performance. Different manufacturers offer different quotation, although the performance is same. Even the same manufacturer quotes differently according to different types. And the price is also different at different periods. It depends on the latest offers provided by manufacturers. However in the wake of intense competition in the market, Cone Crusher prices have become lower than before, while the performance is enhanced by the advance of technology. Therefore, it’s the best time to buy Spring Cone Crusher for the cost effectiveness. The current price for a Spring Cone Crusher is around RMB 300,000 to 1,200,000 which depends on different brand.

Before purchasing a Spring Cone Crusher, you need to determine which type you want. Zhejiang golden Machinery Group has different types of Spring Cone Crusher. According to the operation need, it can be divided into coarse crushing, intermediate crushing and fine crushing. To meet these demands, we have SJ1200 Spring Cone Crusher, SJ1400 Spring Cone Crusher and SJ1650 Spring Cone Crusher. According to the feeding size and capacity, you can also choose other types of Spring Cone Crusher. Comparing with other Spring Cone Crusher in the market, our Spring Cone Crusher has the highest cost-effectiveness. With good quality, the service life is as long as 10 years. SJ 1650 is RMB 50,000 to RMB 200,000 higher than SJ1400 and SaJ1200. Because SJ1650 is a large machine and has the highest yield. In general, our quotation is RMB 10,000 to BMB 200,000 lower than average market prices. Customers prefer to purchase the SJ series due to it’s high effectiveness, long serving life and strong market share.

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