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The technology strength of Zhejiang Shuangin cone crusher is very high and is creating high peak of industry

Our construction industry is booming and stone crushing application is wide. Cone crushers not only offer requirement for construction industry, but also the quality of the project has stable gurantee. Therefore, cone crusher are widely accepted by people in the field of stone crushing.

Cone crushers mainly settles the medium and fine crushing of stone material, but also is a successive and high efficient crushing equipment. Shuangjin Machinery does deep research into the whole structure and property of cone crushers, the technique of impact crusher , jaw crusher and multi grade crushing has been replaced by cone crushers. The coming stones crushed by cone crusher are high efficient, fine, average and is widely applied in all kinds of mines and rocks, such as iron ore, limestone, granite , pebbles are other rocks with high hardness.

Besides, because of serious impact force of concave and mantle, wearing extent is very serious , which cause unaverage of granularity and the reduction of production efficiency and the increasement of energy. Therefore, the change of wear parts is very important. Over research and exploration, Zhejiang Shuangjin Machinery developed the filling technology of cone crushers, which is less polluted, low cost and easy to distmantle and operate. The problem of work stop caused by the changing progress of wear parts will be avoided and it is appreciated by a majority of customers. In the construction industry, cone crusher, as its outstanding performance, is widely applied in the sand making field , which provides powerful guarantee for the development of our economy.

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