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Analysis and use of all kinds of lathe
1 ordinary lathe
The processing object, spindle speed and feed rate adjustment range big, to the internal and external workpiece surface, surface and internal and external thread. This lathe mainly manual workers, low production efficiency, suitable for one-piece, small batch production and repair shop.
2 turret lathe and turning lathe
Can hold more than the tool turret or the back wheel frame, can a clamping of the workpiece followed by workers using different tools to complete a variety of processes, suitable for mass production.
3 automatic lathe
Finish machining small workpieces automatically according to certain procedures, automatic feeding, repeating the same number of parts, suitable for mass production.
4 semi-automatic multicut lathe
With a single shaft, multi axis, horizontal and vertical division. Uniaxial horizontal layout of the form similar to ordinary lathe, but the two groups are respectively arranged on the spindle and tool holder or up and down, for machining disc, ring and shaft parts, the productivity of 3 ~ 5 times higher than that of ordinary lathe.
5 copying lathe
The shape and size can be modeled on the model or sample, automatic completion of workpiece machining cycle (see copying machine), applied to shape the more complex parts of small batch and mass production, productivity than ordinary lathe 10 ~ 15 times. Multiple knife, multi axis, chuck type, vertical type.
6 vertical lathe
Spindle perpendicular to the horizontal plane, the workpiece is clamped in a rotary table level, a knife moving beam or column. Applicable to machining the parts is large, heavy, difficult to install in the ordinary lathe, single column and double column two categories.
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